‘Stranger Things’ Time Jump in ‘Darker’ Season 2: ‘It’s Gonna Be a Ride’

Charlie Heaton Dishes on ‘Stranger Things’ Time Jump in ‘Darker’ Season 2: ‘It’s Gonna Be a Ride’

The second season of Netflix’s breakout hit Stranger Things is on it’s way, and it sounds like fans have an even bigger adventure waiting for them.

Charlie Heaton, who stars as the reclusive Jonathan Byers, spoke with ET at a junket for his new thriller, Shut In, on Saturday, where he revealed that the upcoming episodes are going to “slightly darker” than the already-terrifying first season.

“You follow these characters a year later, and you’re straight back in the world of Hawkins, [Indiana], which we know and love so well,” he explained. “The scope feels bigger this year.”

The whole cast recently got together for the first table read, and the second season hits the ground running, with Heaton teasing, “From episode one through four, it’s gonna be a ride.”

While he couldn’t dish on too many details, he did explain the practical reason behind the one-year time jump.

“I think they wanted to let things settle, but also there are kids in the show — the actors also have grown in a year,” the 22-year-old star said. “So, we couldn’t have followed straight on.”

“I don’t think you’re gonna notice,” he added. “Even though it’s a year, you’re falling straight back into where we left off, in a sense.”

Heaton’s new film, Shut In — co-starring Naomi Watts, Oliver Platt and Jacob Tremblay — hits theaters Nov. 11.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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